Drive Sales using Pintrest

Drive Sales using Pintrest

Your small business needs more sales to stay open. And it’s vital that your team focuses on a strategy now, rather than later.

Social media is an effective method to grab the attention of your target audience. Moreover, Pinterest lets your consumers connect visually with your products.

Learn why Pinterest is the best option for your bottom line.

Why Pinterest

Research shows that the average order value of sales generated by Pinterest is 10% higher than any other major social platform.


Pinterest offers your business the opportunity to showcase products. You can create multiple boards based on shopping patterns, consumer interests, or even holiday trends.

Consider this social media platform the new form of window shopping. It’s up to your team to display what’s best about your services and overall brand.

“Most people save or pin things on Pinterest in order to get ideas for future purchases, so if you are selling something online, you should have a well-established Pinterest presence. This is especially true if you sell physical items like apparel, accessories, gadgets, and the like,” states Chandru Rao, a researcher and writer at

Work with your team to develop a Pinterest sales strategy. Monitor prospective customers’ habits and build awareness for your brand.

It’s time to incorporate Pinterest into your small business plan.

1. Use Rich Pins

Rich pins allow small business owners to include additional information to images. These enhanced pins offer you the chance provide consumers with real-time pricing and availability.

In short, rich pins make it convenient for people to buy your items. They take the guesswork out of consumers’ product research. Rather than going to multiple websites, buyers can find product descriptions in one location.

In the rich pin below, you’ll notice the product’s price, where it is sold, and a ‘Visit’ button to learn more. In addition, you can read comments from other people about the product.

3. Post High-Quality Images

Pinterest thrives on visuals. So, it’s imperative to share amazing photos.

Studies reveal that images without faces get repinned more 23% more often. Therefore, avoid the human face.

4. Target Relevant Audiences

Know your audience. It’s the #1 rule for small businesses.

If you fail to reach your target consumer, it’s unlikely that you’ll close the sale. Plus, you waste your team’s precious time and energy.

You need to understand your customers’ likes, dislikes, and lifestyles. This includes studying their demographics, geographics, and psychographics.

At the end of the day, your team should know when, where, why, and how your consumers make purchases.

Once you grasp your buyers’ desires, you can build useful content. Post pins that relate to your products or services.

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